What is Log Siphon?

'Event Management & Monitoring System'

Log Siphon is the single source of all system events (Syslog, Snort and Suricata) for collection and correlation in real-time for monitoring, analysis and alerting. Any system that can send event data via Syslog (Microsoft Windows, Sysmon for Windows, Linux, Mac, Cisco, Fortinet, Sonicwall, Zeek (formerly Bro) NMS, etc...), Log Siphon can receive and process the data. Log Siphon can also import, correlate and alert on intrusion detection data detected by Snort and Suricata. In addition to 'Event Management' Log Siphon also can perform 'Monitoring' of device health (SNMP) and host discovery (Nmap). With both (Event & Monitoring) Log Siphon provides a single console for greater network awareness and alerting.

At RMJ Consulting, we are strong believers of security management and monitoring in the protection of networks and network systems.

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Log Siphon can receive, import and correlate Syslog event data from virtually any device or system!

Log Siphon can import intrusion detection data via Snort and Suricata!

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